Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Backyard Imaging in Abilene

It is the last week of June, and I have shot all the targets in my "window" that rise and transit at reasonable hours. herefore, you can say I am caught up in Cygnus. Cass and Cepheus are still too low around 10PM; they will be prime in another month. I can't shoot o the south due to trees. I have an open lane to the east, and partial to the northeast.


I switched filterwheels yesterday and started shooting OIII last night. I added it to last month's Pelican Ha this morning. Bicolor "natural" palette with two narrowband images. I think it turned out pretty nice.





I will shoot SII tonight, then 10nm Ha later in the week. My goal is to make a nice Hubble Space Telescope palette of the Pelican, and eventually, the North American. This gives me something to do while waiting for future targets to get in the right position. It doesn't hurt to amass a large quantity of narrowband data from home.


I just added some Rosette Nebula Ha from a February shoot to some RGB from January 2012. I am sending it on to the printer in a few days.



I am looking forward to my next trip to CSAC on July 5th. Gerald Miller from Tulsa will be there for a few nights. We are swapping out the 30" Obsession with a fresh one from the warehouse in Crowell. The old mirror will be sent o OMI for recoating, and we will clean up all the wiring, etc, on the chassis.



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