Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Backyard Imaging in Hydrogen alpha




I have had a phenomenal run of clear nights here in Abilene since my return from the Texas Star Party. I have shot around 30 hours of data in the North American-Pelican region in Cygnus.


Flickr has updated its image and allowed me a terabyte of data storage. I switched my gallery over to Flickr this morning, as a result. I think it looks great.


Wow, what a flap about Adobe dropping sale of Photoshop CS6 and going to subscription! They currently offer CS6 alone for $9.99 a month to previous owners of CS3-CS6. Where is the advantage? I am not seeing it yet. Perhaps the Adobe Cloud would allow one to use CS6 on more than the two computer limit that goes along with the original purchasing agreement. I don't know that for a fact. I also wonder if the $9.99 per month offer will expire after one year with a future rate increase. I thought the company had a pretty good business model in the past. I hope it works well for them, but I am a bit pessimistic.


The Nomad portable field observatory has been working great in the backyard. There have been several windy clear nights, and it really cuts down on the breeze factor. I like it because it defines a "room" and feels more like an astro office.

I think the best gear I have purchased recently has been the Web Power Switch 7. I connect it via LAN cable to my imaging computer, and operate the switching from inside the house (or RV) with TeamViewer 8. It is available at


I will be acquiring RGB data for my Cygnus Ha captured here between May 31-June 8 at 3RF Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus. I think I will bring an abbreviated load of gear; not my usual everything including the kitchen sink approach. Just the stuff necessary to complete the Cygnus projects. Well, that sounds good today.


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