Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Clouds, Snow, It Must Be Winter!

I drove to Amarillo December 20th and picked up a near mint Takahashi EM-11 mount. Got home, set it up, and shot a night's worth of SII to finish a M42 project. Then I came down with shingles, and life as I know it, stopped. CSAC was closed January and February due to the weather. I got meds to control the pain and my skies in Abilene have been clouded over for several weeks.  Weather says it will be clear here for three nights starting tonight, so we will see.

This cloud sequence has allowed me to get some gear in order for the next  dark sky assault. I purchased an adapter from Joel Short. It connects a T mount to Pentax M42, and is cut for the proper backfocus with a QHY8PRO. How neat!



Art at Texas Nautical Repair called asking for some pictures from my first light with the Takahashi Epsilon E-130D. I sent some and they ended up on the gallery at their website and at Anacortes. Art called a few days ago asking for more, and I bought an adapter to mount the QHY8PRO. 

I jerry-rigged another adapter from spare parts to fit a QHY9 to it. That covers most of my cameras. I think I can fit the QHY22, as well.

I have been studying tutorials and re-processing old data waiting on the weather to turn my way. I finally learned how to calibrate and stack in PixInsight, and the results are spectacular. The Canon DSLR had mirror shadow in the horsehead and rosette images I shot in November. I ran DBE and it was still present. I had to crop the lower fifth of the image to remove the gradient. I figured, "Oh Well", that is just the price to pay using that camera. PixInsight removed it completely in the stacking process. Awesome!

Jay Ballauer got the call to do the Intro to AP three hour talk at NEAIC in April. I will meet up with him at CSAC sometime next month. we will swap PI and Photoshop tips and talk about his upcoming trip to New York. 

I will be at the Texas Imaging Symposium at the Texas Star Party supporting TIS with Jeff Barton. It is a freebie; the registration, room and food is gratis!

I am past due being ready to collect a few photons. Check out the Tutorial page; I loaded a few good ones from my web search. I especially like the powerful stretching nebula without bloating the stars. It has pixel math, which I always avoided. Now I appreciate it because it is so useful. 

That's it for now. Clear Skies!



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