Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass


I had a good run of clear nights after returning from CSAC. I switched over to the NJP when the  EM-10 Temma unit needed a fix. I installed my Astro-Tech AT8RC at the same time. It is f/8 with 1624mm focal length. I guide it with the Borg Mini-50 and SX Lodestar OK; I haven't found the need to use an off-axis guider. It has a nice Moonlite Hi-Res stepper motor focuser controlled with a Robo-Focus box. I rarely use it, but it is nice for globs, galaxies, and smaller nebula targets. The Moon was still right for color, so I shot the Cocoon Nebula and M13. I had a hard time synching it to the Sky X without a proper tuned finderscope! I probably spent an hour or so poking around Vega before it appeared on my computer screen. I aligned a green laser pointer in a Senta-based holder and centered it in my PHD Guiding screen once I centered it in Nebulosity. I shouldn't have a problem synching it next time!





Sometimes I just get really lucky. I shot 15 subs of M13, discarded 7 for elongation, and ended up with this:





Now the clouds are here for a few days. I will switch over to narrow band filters when it clears because the moon is getting brighter every night!



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