Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Details of the Nomad Portable Observatory

My Australian friends, David & Petra, have shown an interest in the portable observatory. Here is a little show-and-tell that might be helpful in making one Down Under.

It is constructed with 1" galvanized steel pipe. It is called EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing) conduit here in the states, and is available everywhere. The connectors are available from canopy and tent mongers on the internet. An example can be seen at:

I use 8 of the Flat Roof Corner, and 8 of the Closed T1. The EMT can be cut to any length. I use two lengths of EMT: 8 @ 6', and 16 @ 55.5". This make a rather small sized observatory; only 9.25' square, but it is adequate for one mount and table and fits well in the vehicle.

Inexpensive plastic tarps provide the sides, and I use elastic bungee-style ball end connectors. That's it!




Tee connector




Corner Connector






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