Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Imaging in My Backyard

I started imaging Saturday and have been blessed with clear skies each night so far! I really wanted a shot of the nova in Delphinus, so I setup up an unbinned LRGB @ 180 seconds and competed with the nearly Full Moon. I won! It took all my processing skills to make a decent image, however.





I set up a second shot around 1AM and went to bed. I skipped a step and didn't take a test preview to see how my target, the Tulip Nrbula, looked. It wasn't even in the image, to my surprise! Whoops! But, something even better was, and I never would have shot it, otherwise. I captured Barnard 146, 147, and NGC6871 to the right of the Tulip. It looks like a leaping porpoise! How cool is that?









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