Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Labor Day Weekend Party at CSAC

We had a private party over the Labor Day weekend just for the volunteers. Lonnie Wege brought toys from Celestron and left me with a Nightscape 8300C to test for a few weeks. I shot a nice Eastern Veil with it Saturday night.


The weekend was very experimental, for a change. I had to test the new Russian TAIR 3S lens and the 8mm Rokinon Canon lens. I temporarily rigged the TAIR with my QHY8PRO mounted on the iOptron iEQ45. I shot First Light on NGC7000.





Not the prettiest picture I have shot! I think it will be a good lens once I get used to it and mount it more securely. I shot his on Friday night and took the rig apart Saturday morning. I needed the Manfrotto geared head for my iOpron SkyTracker and 60Da to test the new fisheye lens.



Jerry Keith set up next to me with his new rig. It was nice having some company up on the hill. We listened to music and had a great time while the machines clicked away on the stars.


There was a lot of activity on the star field, too. Richard Brown, Joe Mungo, Dave Titus, and others were running Dobs. Lonnie was passing around the new Granite Celestron binos.











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