Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Overnight Disaster!

I started an imaging run at 1AM this morning with the EM-10. The DSO's transit was at 4:10AM. I set my alarm for 4:10PM and went on to bed. Do you see a potential problem, Houston? I got up around 7:30, raced outside, and sure enough, the mount had crashed the tripod. I set everything right and powered it up for a test. The DEC works perfectly. No movement left or right when the RA was applied. I could hear the motor, but no movement. I packed it up, called Fred at TNR. He will fix it. This is going to have a silver lining because it will be tuned up before it is sent back. I love redundancy. I have a working NJP and iEQ45 to hold me over. 

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