Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

The Texas Star Party 2013

Astrofactors table at the Texas Star Party with Bruce Morrell.


Texas Imaging Symposium at the Texas Star Party 2013

Sunday through Tuesday nights were fairly good. Not great, but clear enough to image. The seeing was terrible. The weather changed on Wednesday. It rained off and on through Thursday. Friday night cleared up like magic, but I was watching movies in my RV, instead. Everything was wet, and I didn't feel like risking any of my gear to moisture.

My friend, Sonya Ward, won the big door prize at the Texas Imaging Symposium. About $6000 worth of Apogee Aspen 8050 CCD camera and filterwheel! TSP was a very profitable experience for her! She will put it to good use in the future.

I moderated a Q&A session with the speakers on Wednesday. Present were Jay Ballauer, JOhn Davis, Robert Reeves, Jim Lafferty, Ron Dilulio, Alan Erickson, Vance Bagwell, and Jason Ware.

I was glad to get back home on Sunday. I bought a portable field observatory from Dave Eisfeldt. I set it up in my backyard and have been shooting Ha on clear nights this week. I will collect what I can and add the RGB component from 3RF Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus between May 31-June 8 New Moon cycle.



Inside the Nomad Observatory


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