Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 Imaging Session

Jerry Keith and I met up at 3RF Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus Thursday afternoon for a few nights of imaging. I set up my new Takahashi Epsilon E-130D for its' First Light with the Canon 60Da DSLR. Jerry had a Gary Honis modified Canon T3i mated to a Takahashi FSQ106. The weather was just cold enough to let the cameras do their thing at higher ISOs. Got to love winter with DSLRs!

Jerry had a new Baader 7nm Ha filter and was itching to shoot the Horsehead with it. I pointed the Epsilon to the same target. The night was excellent; the SQM read 21.66 with a limiting magnitude of 6.89. There were so many "extra" stars evident; I had trouble finding Polaris to do my initial polar alignment!

I imaged until 2AM when things started getting a little icy. I covered the gear and called it a night.

Friday night was soft, nothing like the night before. I shot M45 and the Rosette. Later I shot flats and darks when the sky began to deteriorate.

Saturday night was overcast with a few sucker holes, so I called it early and watched Netflix in my RV.

Jerry sent me his Horsehead Ha stack after we got home. I did a HaLRGB blend with his data and mine. I think this collaboration produced a great image.


Later, I pulled up some Ha data I shot last February and added it to the data from Friday night.


I think both of these images are outstanding considering they were shot with DSLRs!  I must admit the Ha data in the Rosette was captured with a QHY22 CCD camera. But, you know what I mean!



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